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BrandYOU Workbook (e-delivered)

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Big companies understand the importance and value of a brand. They develop it, focus on it, pour resources into the marketing and advertising of it, and they reap the benefits of a well-developed and advertised brand. Think Nike, GE, Quaker, Sony, and Apple.

Thrive – Don’t Just Survive the Changing Times The world is evolving. Understanding the importance of building a personal brand is a vital step to not only surviving (layoffs, cutbacks, reductions in force, restructures, buy outs, bosses that don’t like you) but thriving (promotions, new opportunities, pay raises, new responsibilities, a job you love). In the book, Brand YOU, you can get a boost at creating your own personal brand. You will be inspired and motivated with suggestions and ideas that will move you in a positive forward motion.

“This workbook is a guidebook to give you a list of activities, that when done in easy steps will walk you towards increased profitability and success.”This workbook will help you to take control of your brand, shape it, and define the brand for YOU or YOUR BUSINESS that will sell and promote you to a market wrought with stiff competition and difficult to acquire positions. It will provide you a career path to enjoyable positions and the best possible pay. This workbook will help you with critical thinking that can recession-proof your career and your company whether you are an employee seeking to climb in status and position, an entrepreneur seeking to grow your company or an executive running or working in a company. Take the next step toward success. Get going!

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