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31 Day Journey Experiential Guide to Discovering God Devotional (e-delivered)

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We live in a crazy time of life. Things are busier than ever before with technology making huge advances. Social media sucks up our time with Face Book, Instagram, Twitters, Snapchat and on the list goes. Then there’s all the ways we can communicate: cell phone, texts, instant messages, and even in - app communication tools. We wake up, thinking about bills we have to pay, we get a quick workout in, rush off to work, work long hours, and finall y get home c ompletely exhausted.

We try to carve out time to get a bite to eat, relax for a few minutes, then we are off to bed. If you’re a parent, then the demand on your time and resources is doubled. Maybe you get a few minutes to read something inspir ational, go to a conference, or attend some sort of church service to hear an inspirational message, but rarely do you ever get time to probe the deeper issues that gnaw at your soul....the pain you feel that you try to suppress, the depression that you try to find the right medication for, or understand why do you not dream or reach for those dreams anymore.

With all the busyness of life, when do you get a chance to just... BREATE.... RELAX.... and REFLECT? It’s no wonder we live life stressed, depressed and ber eft of hope, joy, and purpose. Do you remember when you were a young kid and would dream about the future? Remember how excited you were as you envisioned yourself as an astronaut, president, a scientist, or a movie star? You insert the blank for what you used to dream about? Do you still dream? Are you moving towards those dreams and the desires of your heart? Maybe you feel like you’ve reached your dreams but now they are empty and lack real joy.

Where did it all go wrong? I want to invite you to slow dow n for 30 minutes a day for the next 31 days. I invite you on an experiential journey to discover God.

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