21 Days to Living the Life of your Dreams Guide (e-delivered)

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There is a secret to living an incredible life. Get this 21 day guide to living the life you’re dreaming of. We want you to start living an incredible life. Each day it will give you a new goal, a new perspective, and a new thought to start your day out positively. Take 21 days and CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE. Change your perspective and change your life.


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About Us

Bethany Williams has over 30 years as a corporate growth agent and executive coach to C-suite executives and entrepreneurs across the globe. Known for her speeches that she gives around the globe, she has written 7 books.

Vincent Nelson was a pastor for 17 years, helping thousands of people identify the soul issues within (issues of emotions, the mind, and the will) that keep them from experiencing healthy relationships. Today, he is a successful financial advisor.

TOGETHER:  Bethany and Vince offer a new perspective to help you achieve LIFE GIVING RELATIONSHIPS.  Experience the best relationships you've ever had. FIND HOPE and live your purpose. Sign up for one of our immersive summits held in the mountains of Colorado.   

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